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World's Best Skateboard Holder

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“The Red Dragons board I got just before the pandemic is getting lots of use. Maxrax makes it so easy to display it!”

— Amaya, happy customer
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About Us

Hello! We are Brock and Jordan. We have each been involved in the skateboard industry for 20 plus years, both as skaters and also as business owners. We saw a huge opportunity with the influx of young rippers hopping on skateboards and decided to create Max Rax - the world's greatest skateboard rack!! Why parents love our products: 1) They keep the skateboards off the ground. "No more tripping Mom & Dad" 2) Provide exceptional garage organization. 3) A safe and creative way to display skateboards in rooms or common areas. Max Rax won't let you down! We'll see you at the skatepark! Brock and Jordan